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Alberto and Mario were born and raised in Salamanca, Spain and came to Utah several years ago on a scholarship to teach. They graduated from the University of Valladolid with a Bachelors in Education. After coming to Utah and starting their teaching careers, they were hungry for more learning. The eTwinz attended the University of Utah where they graduated with a Masters in Education from a participating school, the International University of La Rioja. Currently, Alberto and Mario are working on their PhD focused on future-ready skills. 


The Herraez Twins teach 5th and 6th grade at Canyon Creek Elementary School in Farmington where their students are part of the Spanish/English Immersion program. They are heavy users of technology, and they enjoy sharing their passion with the students at Canyon Creek Elementary.

In 2019, their innovative practices were recognized by UCET (Utah Coalition for Educational Technology) that granted the eTwinz with the "Outstanding Young Educator of the Year Award" and DSD (Davis School District) that honored the eTwinz with the "Best of Davis Award".


In 2020, WE Charity awarded the eTwinz with the WE Teacher award for their work in the Social and Emotional field and their serving learning practices. ​ In 2021,  Alberto and Mario were included in the "Top ten North America education influencers" by the famous organization T4 Education. Also, the prestigious publication EdTech Magazine (CDW) included the eTwinz in their legendary list "30 K-12 IT Influencers to follow in 2021", this list gathers the most influential educators from around the world since 2016. ​


The Herraez twins are great ambassadors of education and its importance. They advocate for 21st century educational practices. They have been featured in many newspapers across the world such as El Mundo (Spain), Salamanca 24h (Spain), el diario de Valladolid (Spain) and The Globe and Mail (Canada) among many others. Also, the eTwinz have participated in many national radio shows such as La Cope (Spain) as experts in digital transformation and 21st century learning. In addition, they can be heard in a handful of podcasts.

They have presented in many conferences and events around the world sharing their knowledge and expertise to help educators to transform their practice. Some of these events are NCCE (Seattle, Washington), TCEA (San Antonio, Texas), UCET (Salt Lake City, Utah), FETC (Miami, California), Microsoft Educator Exchange (Paris, France) and SIMO (Madrid, Spain) just to name a few. The eTwinz have been featured speakers at international conferences such as ISTE 21 (the biggest EdTech conference in America).


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The Best of Davis Award is the highest recognition given to the top educators in the Davis School District. It celebrates the exceptional employees in the district who support and encourage excellence in education


"Alberto exemplifies what we want for each of our students; he is a lifelong learner. He continues to push himself and his students to learn about the world around them and he leverages technology beautifully to help them" -Belinda Kuck, Teaching and Learning Dept. Director


"Mario has on numerous occasions gone out fo his way to share his knowledge and expertise for the good for students. Mario is passionate about making learning fun and relevant for his students and that passion carries over into what he does in sharing with his colleagues" -Carol Nef, Personalize Learning Supervisor

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30 K–12 IT Influencers to Follow in 2021
Alberto and Mario Herraez Velazquez

The eTwinz, Alberto and Mario Herraez, teach fifth and sixth grade students at Canyon Creek Elementary School in Utah. Originally from Spain, the eTwinz are Spanish immersion teachers who believe strongly in integrating educational technology into their pedagogy. They present at conferences on 21st century teaching tools and practices, sharing global experience with other educators.

North America: education influencers to follow
Alberto and Mario Herraez Velazquez

Alberto and Mario Herraez Velazquez are twins! Teaching twins to be exact. The eTwinz love using technology to teach. Originally from Spain, Alberto and Mario teach on a Spanish/English Immersion program at an elementary school in Utah. They’ve written about using Minecraft in education, to utilizing Microsoft Tools for personalised learning and self-management skills. Alberto and Mario were given the Outstanding Young Educator of the Year Award in 2019. They have jointly presented at conferences in both the US and Europe, as well as featuring in newspapers across the world and can be heard on a handful of podcasts. 


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