Fostering Service-Learning and SEL Skills in a Elementary Setting

The eTwinz designed a five-year plan to implement a service learning approach and empower students to become leaders in Canyon Creek Elementary. This model is designed around the SDGs framework, the “Class of 2030” research from Microsoft and the WE Movement curriculum.


This plan is supported by Microsoft EDU and WE Movement, organizations that want to use it as a model and example for schools around the world since Canyon Creek Elementary is the only school in the world that have the Microsoft Showcase School and the WE School recognition. 

By 2024, this plan to help the community and spark the social skills of Canyon Creek’s students will be replicate in different schools around the district and state and, in the future, the world. The twins hope to change the life of many families who will be benefited by the actions of kindness of many students. 

How to Foster Self-Management Skills and Personalized Learning in an Elementary Setting with Microsoft Tools


The eTwinz designed a model to foster the self-regulation skills of their students while they personalize their learning to fit their needs.


When we looked closely at the daily routine of our students, we noticed their life is pretty much guided by someone else 24/7. Too often, they are directed by teachers, parents, coaches and even friends. They are so used to following directions and being told what to do that they struggle making decisions and practicing self-management.

The Class of 2030 report from Microsoft Education shows that self-management, the ability to set and work toward one’s personal and academic goals, manage stress, and stay motivated, is a top priority for students globally. Students want and need to be independent and make their own decisions. We wanted to provide our students with a program that helps them develop self-management.

This model has been feature by Microsoft Education and it is being implemented by many schools around the state of Utah and other states.

The eTwinz received many visitors to learn how to apply this model in their school or district.