Five Tips for Digital Transformation

Updated: Sep 7

Have you heard that consistent buzzing noise around campus of late? No doubt that is the sound of your entire faculty feverishly scurrying about to transform their classroom, lesson plans, and in some cases, their entire teaching philosophy to meet the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year. While educators everywhere merely kept their heads above water last spring when the pandemic first hit, we all are hitting the ground at a full sprint this year, hoping to capitalize on all we learned during those few tumultuous months, while balancing changing conditions on campus and in our communities.

And change isn’t easy, is it teachers?

As this current school year races down the highway, social media has, at times, painted a rather rough picture of the daily struggles teachers have been navigating and dodging from one day to the next. While reading those posts, I find myself wanting to reach out to every one of you just to say, “Take a deep breath…it’s all going to be alright.” The stress and pressure you all are feeling to learn new platforms while balancing distance & hybrid learning environments and so much more is overwhelming entire school communities and maybe more important,