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Remote Learning Series: Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A lot of teachers around the world are transitioning to a remote learning environment due to the COVI-19 outbreak.

The eTwinz have created a series focus on remote learning where they will share five scenarios of remote learning.

Welcome to the first blog of this series: Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Microsoft Teams

“Microsoft Teams is the perfect hub to host all your materials and connect with your students from home.”

By using the "Meet Now" button you can start a video conference with your students to teach them the lesson

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams meetings allows you to share your screen or a Powerpoint and use Microsoft Whiteboard. Useful resources for you to go through your lesson with your students. Also, you can turn off incoming video and record the lesson for later.

Microsoft Teams Assignments

“Microsoft Teams assignments is a game-changing feature ”

Once you have finished your lesson with your students they can find the assignments from the lesson in the assignments tab of Microsoft Teams. Here is where things get even better! Microsoft Teams assignments has a great integration with OneNote EDU (a digital notebook). You can distribute pages from the assignments tab to OneNote EDU.

Watch this video from Microsoft and the eTwinz to learn more about this wonderful integration.

OneNote EDU

OneNote EDU is one of the greatest tools you can find out there for Remote Learning. As a digital notebook, It allows your students to work on their assignments from home. Here an example of how our students work from their computer on their assignmentsñ

Here is an example how a Remote Learning day could look like using these awesome tools:

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