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Remote Learning Series: The Ultimate Combo

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A lot of teachers around the world are transitioning to a remote learning environment due to the COVI-19 outbreak.

The eTwinz have created a series focus on remote learning where they will share five scenarios of remote learning.

Welcome to the second blog of this series: PowerPoint, Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Forms.

PowerPoint Recorder

“PowerPoint has a splendid feature that allows you to record your screen. PowerPoint Recorder is a great tool to record your lesson and save it in your computer to share it with your students.”

You can film your screen while explaining your PowerPoint or use your PowerPoint as a whiteboard. Example here:

Microsoft Stream

Once, you have saved the video to your computer you can upload it to Microsoft Stream.

“Microsoft Stream is a secure video service so you can manage who views your video content and determine how widely to share within your organization”

Microsoft Stream allows you to share the video that you recorder in Power Point recorder with your students within a safe and protected environment.

Microsoft Forms Integration

Microsoft Stream has a great integration with Microsoft Forms. This integration allows you to embed several Microsoft Forms throughout your video for your students to answer the content-related questions after watching any part of the video

After you are done integrating the questions that you want your students to answer you just need to share the link of the video with your students. You can find the answers of your students in Microsoft Forms.

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