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Remote Learning Series: Wakelet

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A lot of teachers around the world are transitioning to a remote learning environment due to the COVI-19 outbreak.

The eTwinz have created a series focus on remote learning where they will share five scenarios of remote learning.

Welcome to the third blog of this series: Wakelet


In this scenario, we will be using different tools to curate content. This scenario can be also integrated in some of the earlier scenarios. The idea behind this scenario is to have all the content we want to share with our students in one place for our students to have an easy access to it. This scenario is highly recommended for younger students.

“Wakelet is a free visual content platform helping people, businesses, and academic institutions organize and curate their online information, so it is easier to find and share.”

Wakelet is a great tool to curate all the content and activities you want your students to do at home.

Flipgrid Integration

Wakelet has a great integration with Flipgrid that allows you to film your lesson without leaving your Wakelet collection. While filming your video you can use all the formidable Flipgrid features such as the whiteboard or insert pictures to draw on them

One Drive and Google Drive Integration

Wakelet also has a great integration with OneDrive and Google Drive. You can insert any document that you have in the cloud to your Wakelet collection for your students to review (PowerPoint) or to complete (PDF or Work Document)

“Now it is easier than ever to curate the content you have in the cloud

Do you have some overachieving students? You may want to add extra resources for them to fully understand the content such as videos or different articles.

Microsoft Forms Integration

Also, you can add a Microsoft EDU forms assignment or a Google Forms assignment at the end of your Wakelet collection to check for understanding.

Also, Wakelet allows you to create a collection of collections which is a wonderful way to organize your lessons. Here is an example made by Mike Tholfsen.

Here is an example of a Wakelet Collection for remote learning and here you can find a quick guide for Wakelet made with Genially.

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