The new normal: Online Planners

Updated: Sep 7

Teachers and students around the world started or are going to start the new school year in a completely new situation. A situation that has never happened and with the concern that most of us do not know how to face it. “The new normal” will look different in every classroom around the world: some of them will teach remotely, others in a hybrid model, and some of them in a face to face model. Each of these situations has its own challenges but what all they share is the unknown future.

For this reason, we truly think that the best option for students’ planners is to create online planners. For those students who are learning remotely, it will help them to stay organized. For those in a hybrid model, you eliminate the factor of: “I forgot my planner in the school and now I don’t know what I have to do”. And for those that are in a face to face environment, we don’t know how the future looks like so It is always great to have them ready and teach them the procedures of using an online planner just in case you go 100% online.