MIEExpert 2017-2018
The eTwinz are Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts
MIEExpert 2018-2019
The eTwinz are Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts
MIEExpert 2019-2020
The eTwinz are Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts
MIEE Trainer
The eTwinz are Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer experts
Minecraft EDU Global Mentor
The eTwinz are Minecraft EDU Global Mentors. They help educators around the world to bring Minecraft and innovative practices to their classes.
Wakelet Ambassador
The eTwinz are Wakelet Ambassador and have translator many materials for the Wakelet team from training materials to the Educator Book
Flipgrid Ambassadors
Student Voice Ambassadors are the most passionate and innovative educators on the planet, standing up for student engagement, agency, and empowerment wherever they go! They are champions of #StudentVoice and promoters of social learning. And they are relentlessly supportive of their peers in the educator community!
Skype Master Teachers
The eTwinz are Skype Master Teachers.
They are experts in developing global citizens using Skype Classroom.
Nearpod Certified Educator
The eTwinz are Nearpod Certified Educator.s
They have participated in several Nearpod Transformation Conferences showing their experience in engaging students in the learning.
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Microsoft Showcase School
Canyon Creek Elementary becomes a Microsoft Showcase School.
Alberto was the only Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert in Canyon Creek's Faculty by the time it became a MicrosoftEDU Showcase School and he was key for Canyon Creek Elementary to get this certification. The eTwinz were really important for Canyon Creek to obtain this recognition, they mentored some members of the faculty and their projects were included in the application to obtain this recognition.
WE Schools Designation
Canyon Creek Elementary became part of the WE Movement . Canyon Creek is the only WESchool in Utah.

The eTwinz work closely with this organization for some of their projects.
STEM Designation
Canyon Creek Elementary earned the STEM School designation given by the STEM Action Center from Utah.
The eTwinz were part of the committee (Mario was the chair) that put together the application to earn this recognition.
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